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Today’s polish is Zoya Charla. And I’m in love this is such a pretty polish. The first I thought of was a mermaid. It is the perfect dark turqouise with loads of beautyful iridescent glitter in green blue silver and gold.  The picture comes out a little bit to blue its greener in real life and I’m up to my ears in love with this polish.

I bought mine directly from but since they don’t deliver internationally I had to use a mailing service.

Lets take a look at Charla by it self first

And as I’m so much in love with holographics I could’nt resist to put a holographic topcoat on top of it.

I have not been able to find Zoya Charla on any Swedish websites or for that mather the near dupes that I read about at Scrangies blog in this post where she compared it with OPI Catch Me In Your Net or Orly Halle’s Comet and Zaya Charla. I have no idea if the other two are still available, but the evil bay is a good place to look for them. To my eyes looking at Scrangies pics they are more or less dupes to each other. So if you like your nails to look like a mermaids either of these three polishes will do the trick.

I decided to make a comparison with to very similar polishes that I have in my stash, It’s Nyx Sea of Cortez, a Indie Brite Birds How can I resist you and Sephora Summer in Bangkok but even though they are very close to each other they are by no means dupes and that easy to see just looking at the bottles, and that’s a good thing at least for me that has all of them :)

Charla, Sea of Cortez, How can I resist you, Summer in Bangkok

From left to right Charla, Sea of Cortez, How can I resist you, Summer in Bangkok and as you can see Charla and How can I resist you are pretty close but not dupes. Sea of Cortez is sheerer another tone with more gold and Summer in Bangkok has almost no gold at all and a completely different tone in the color much lighter and more opaque.

Forgot to make a comparison with Essence Choose Me, but I think it’s more blue in it than in Charla even if Choose me qualify as a mermaid polish also.

See you around

Xoxo Jenny