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Lovely Friday, it really is even if I’m tired after a week at work it’s still Friday and a good one. This week has past by with happy parents and happy children and a week with no argument is a great week. And the carpenters are ready with the glassing of our veranda, outdoors just became indoors and we have an extra room, will be our dining room when it’s completely finished, Next up are the floor-guys who will put in floor heating and tiles and we will our self do the inside walls, will be so fun.

Well that’s not why I blog really is it. Back to business and that’s polish. It’s Kerstin’s holographic Friday and today’s polish really means business. Via The Swatchaholic one of the best nail bloggers in the woorrrrld in Jeremy Clarkson words, showed this a couple of weeks ago and I was hooked. It’s a indie brand called Cirque Colors, and this is pure luxury in a bottle.

I bought three of Annie’s polishes Ophelia, Tibetan Nights and this one Fascination Street. All three of them are from the Dark Horse Collection. Ophelia and Tibetan Nights goes for $12 and Fascination Street for $16. They are not cheap but oh so worth it in my book.

Fascination Street is a scattered holographic in dark purple and it’s so lovely that I’m lost for words well sort of anyway. it’s stunning, the application is marvelous. Since it’s a holographic and I’m very careful with my holographic’s don’t wanna waste them I did use a black creme as underwear on top of this i have 2 coats of Fascination. The rainbow doesn’t show very well in the shadow, no surprise there but it’s absolutely gorgeous in all other light.

This is picture spam big time :) It was hard to capture all the beauty as it often is with holograph

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