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Chunky Holo Poppy.. When I bought this I was new in the nail polish world and had never heard about holos Started to see them fell in love and automatically assumed that when a nail polish manufacturer said holo it would be holo. Now I now better but when I bought my Chunky Holos I didn’t. This is not holo, Its an orange flakie nothing more and nothing else. As a holo it’s rubbish but as a flakie I like it. It’s very very sheer it’s a orange tinted base with flakies that change from orange yellow and a little green so I think it’s best used as a layering polish as all flakies are. Kleancolors formula is a little bit special and can take forever to dry, it’s not very fond of SV either. On my pics I have only two coats, and unfortunately the pics are not all in focus but… Overall I like kleancolor, loads of fun colors and glitter at a very affordable price, usually gets mine from