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It’s that time again, and I mean nothing else then that it’s time for Polish Days and For the august version it’s nothing else but polish olympics. Hannah over at Polly Polish has this time decided to make it into a fun competion and we who do participate has the opportunity to win gorgeous prices I think it’s so sweet of her and of course I also hope for a medal. The medals won by Sweden is so far few, we didn’t manage to take a medal in the team show jumping which is sad but Rolf-Göran Bengtsson might still be able to land a individual medal. So far Sweden has a gold in Star Boat, Good job Lööf and Salminen, we have a silver in Trap finally Håkan Dahlby did it. A silver in triathlon hurray for Lisa Nordén, and for me so far the greatest even though it’s a silver is Sara Algotsson in Eventing It’s a bronze in wrestling, Johan Eurén and a bronze in Sailing – Laser, Rasmus Myrgren…. We still have the opportunity for some more medals, Womens boxing, sailing and Kayak and dressage, I’m still holding my breath for the equestrian old showjumper as I am.

Well to the matter at hand, Polish Olympics oh how I do wish I will win one of the great prizes but that’s up to the judges. I have realized that I’m not the most artistic lacquer head there is so nailart is hard. I’m a sucker for layering and gradients and that is also kind of nailart :) Well I think I have done four or five different manicures for this day and I will show you to of them. One is a Swedish ”frensh”mani with blingy olympic rings. The polishes used are NfuOh JS20 yellow and Nfu Oh JS XX blue, and a gold nailart striper, my seche Vite messed the hole thing up with bubbles that I didn’t notice until it was to late…and my cuticles looks like rubbish oh well…

My next mani, the one I’m most satisfied with is a Olympic holo skittle gradient I used 3 different holographics, Green – Nubar Reclaim, Red – Ozotic 518 and Blue – Hits Specialltá No Olimpo Apollo, for the black I used a noname black creme and for the Yellow Nfu Oh JS20, On top of these to I used Queen & Shadows Hologram. Then I did a gradient with Depend 45 (dense gold glitter) and 123 from Love gold glitter with a little bit larger prismatic glitters. This one I’m happy with and like. The cleanup was terrible though gold glitter all over and I’m still glittery on my cuticles.

Which one do you prefer?

XoXo Jenny

Here is the links to all the participants.