Morning all, it’s early here 6.40 and I can’t sleep, well I’m not surprised I’m a morning person can’t fall asleep again when I’ve been awoken by chirping birds.

I’m having my summer vacation and for the moment we’re visiting my in-laws in Stockholm, my father in law i teasing me about my painting my nails but as I tell him it’s a hobby and I can be simultaneous and have a glass of wine and carry a discussion at the same time:) I have been polishing my nails but not posting about it but thought I would make an effort when everyone else is sleeping, that or go for a run, but since I will go shopping today I will spare my legs the run.

Zoya Zuza, from the Surf collection is a teal/blue-green with sort of a metallic finish It’s the ordinary good Zoya brush of course and no problem with the formula took me three coats to get it opaque but I’m not sure if I like the color, I do have a pretty striped dress that it matches to perfectly but I think I will take it of before even having breakfast.

Well here are some not so good pictures sorry about that I thought my clean up was  ok IRL it’s no issue but in the pics… but I won’t redo them since I don’t like the color.