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MNY is a easy to get line of cosmetics with lot’s of colors when it comes to nailpolish. They have boring name though, 749 for example, would love a name linke clementine or orangezeest cause in some lights it looks like the an citrusfruit.

It’s nearly a jelly I believe. It’s sheer 4 coats on my pics but not that sheer so you can use it for a sandwich and it’s not squishy enough to be a true jelly. Well it’s inexpensive only SEK 29 (around €3) and a good but not great formula, for that price it has a good enough brush.

As you can see on the pictures below my nails are growing, they are still to short but my right hand looks alright, but my left still has some catching up to do, but 3-4 more weeks and it will probably look much better, I’m also fighting with my cuticles daily, but I’m getting there :)

Xoxo Jenny