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This polish arrived to me just this week from NinjaPolish, together with 5 jessicas ‘s including the chanel dupe Iridescent Eye, a lot more inexpensive and according to loads of swatches very similar. But today it’s Sticks’n Stone from Cover-Band that’s the polish. It’s an Indie I actually don’t know if they have produced any others but probably. This to is perhaps a dupe to another indie, Lynnderella Connect the dots. There has been a lot of drama around Lynnderellas lately, if you would like to reed more check out the Crumpet she made a very good summary of it all. ”lynns” have been selling for $800 at ebay and no polish what so ever is worth those kind of money.  If I had that kind of money we didn’t have to take a huge loan to be able to renovate our house..

Back to the issue, Sticks’n Stones It’s a black and white ”glitter” it’s round it’s square it’s bars and there is hex it’s so fun, I think this and Floam so far are my favorites. I have it over a no name brand a neon orange the color is really nice and makes my hands look even more tanned. It’s one coat of Sticks’n Stone and it’s really easy to apply. as I said a fav!

We had a great day at our summerhouse with swimming in the sea sunbathing and celebrating my babygirls 4th birthday

Since it Nailartsunday and Lela says that the rule is at least two different polishes this is my kind of nailart :)

enjoy the pics