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Today it’s for the second time a fun day called Polish Day. Last time it was Floam Day and today its Sandwich Day. I had a huge problem deciding what to do for this polish day, the rules are simple use a jelly and a glitter then a jelly once again and you have a Sandwich. The glitter part was now issue I do have plenty of them, which of the to use had to depend on the jelly to use, and it was here I had my issue, I don’t have that many jellies almost none actually, at least none that’s a true jelly like NfuOhs Jelly Syrups. I tried with my very sheer polishes and finally I’ve made two that are fine by me. One fun one and one a little bit classier.

The first one is two coats of Color Club Pink Satina A sheer pinkish white color that I bought only for this purpose, not as sheer as I would like though. On top of this I put first a glitter from H&M, Spark me Up and then Wet ’n Wild Party of five glitters one coat each, on top of this a lime green/dirty yellow H&M Lime, this one was actually sheer enough and I think that one goes as a jelly. You can still see the multicolored glitter but it is muted. My cuticles looks like rubbish sorry about that.

The second one that I’m wearing for the moment is two coats of Color Club Ulterior Motive A fuchsia with bluish shimmer, two coats of E.L.F Golden Goddess, gold glitter in a couple of sizes, and on top of this another coat of Ulterior Motive. This one I really like, partly because it’s purple/pink/fuchsia but mostly how the glitter comes out underneath Ulterior. Still cuticles from h*ll :(

These gorgeous gals are also participating in Sandwich Day